Is That Legal?

Is That Legal?

  • Can An Employer Fire You Based On Who You Vote For?

    Elections are often contentious, and employees may not always share the same view as their employers. Many employers say to leave politics out of the workplace, but others try to impose their own views. Here's how to know when your employer has crossed the line. Can an Employer Promote a Candidate? Even if many employees may find it unseemly, employers do have the right to promote a political candidate. For example, they may say that a certain candidate's proposed regulation would put them out of business and everyone will lose their job.

  • What Do You Need To Know About Shipping International Goods?

    Expanding your business internationally can give you access to lucrative new markets. However, you also need to understand the complex laws that come with international trade. Here's what you should know before importing or exporting products overseas. You May Have to Pay a Tariff A tariff is a special type of tax that gets charged when a product crosses a border. The usual purpose of tariffs is for a country to give protection to its local businesses from local competitors that may have an uneven playing field due to cost advantages.

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    Is That Legal?

    If you are a business owner, there are bound to be times when you ask yourself, "is this legal?" You may have this question before you sign a certain contract, fire an employee, or set a new policy for your customers. The best person to answer this question is, of course, a business attorney. They have specific training and experience to guide business owners in making smart legal decisions. The posts on this blog are all related to business attorneys and the work that they do. We think you'll benefit from reading them, whether you own a business yourself or are thinking of getting into business law.