Is That Legal?

Is That Legal?

Surety Problems That Construction Lawyers Need To Address For Clients

by Judd Gibson

Sureties are very important for clients working with a construction company. It's like a guarantee that the construction company will do its best to mitigate problems. Unfortunately, problems with sureties come up all of the time in the construction industry. If they do for you as the client, talk to a construction surety lawyer right away. They can help with these particular surety problems.


Things may be going smoothly with a construction project and the construction team may try to expand to other projects too quickly. This can result in current projects getting neglected, and then you're forced into delays that cost a lot of money to deal with.

A construction surety lawyer will be needed if you believe overexpansion has occurred with the construction crew you're currently working with. They can look over the surety agreement and see what stipulations protect you against this activity. They can then step in and rectify the situation before overexpansion leads to inefficiency and added costs.


Sometimes a construction company simply isn't able to come through on the project that was agreed upon with the surety. Rather than having them continue working and causing problems, a takeover is needed. This is where another construction company comes in and finishes the work that's left.

You want to hire a construction surety lawyer to handle this takeover so that it goes smoothly. They can also help you get a new surety bond for the takeover construction company so that you have added protections after the takeover is complete. 


If the construction company you work with goes bankrupt while they're working on your project, then they will be unable to do anything major going forward. That includes renting equipment and ordering materials. Rather than funding them further, you need to work with a construction surety lawyer to see how you can stop this relationship legally. 

They'll find ways for you to continue on with the construction project and ensure the same financial problems don't occur in the future. A construction surety lawyer can manage the financial side so that you're not left in a stressful position for long.

Construction sureties really do help clients that work with construction companies. Unfortunately, you may run into issues with your construction project, and if that's the case, help from a construction surety attorney is recommended. They'll help you deal with complications swiftly so that costs and stress don't continue piling up. 


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