Is That Legal?

Is That Legal?

3 Types Of Workplace Discrimination That Warrant Hiring A Work Discrimination Attorney

by Judd Gibson

The Equal Employment Opportunity Community (EEOC) imposes strict laws against workplace discrimination based on the following: 

  • Sex
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation 

But, the EEOC laws aren't always adhered to by employers. Furthermore, most people who encounter workplace discrimination do not know it is wrong. Thus, they rarely come forward to fight for their rights. 

But, if you are a victim of workplace discrimination, a workplace discrimination lawyer can help you fight for your rights. Furthermore, a workplace discrimination lawyer can help you seek compensation for damages incurred. 

Here are three types of workplace discrimination that warrant hiring a work discrimination lawyer. 

1. Unequal Pay

The Equal Pay Act mandates that all employees whether male, female, or gender fluid, should have equal pay provided they work in the same capacity. According to the Equal Pay Act, employees do not need the same work position for equal pay. But provided they have similar roles; they should receive equal pay per the industry pay standard. 

Thus, if your employer is paying you less than other employees in the same capacity or less than the industry pay standard, you should hire a work discrimination attorney. A workplace discrimination lawyer can help gather evidence to prove that the lack of equal pay is a form of workplace discrimination. If the unequal pay is due to your gender, a workplace discrimination lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against your employer to demand equal pay. 

2. Religious Discrimination 

Religious discrimination refers to the unfair treatment of an employee due to their religious beliefs. 

However, this discrimination gets frowned upon by the EEOC. Thus, whether you are Christian, Muslim, or Zionist, etc., should not be a reason for you to get discriminated against in the workplace. 

So if an employer or work superior discriminates against you due to your religion, hire a workplace discrimination lawyer.

3. Discrimination Based on Nationality and Race

You can work in the United States without fear of discrimination, provided you have the proper papers and a work visa.

However, this form of discrimination is still present today. For instance, your employer may not fire you due to your nationality, but they can still attempt to discriminate against you in other ways. Say your employer denies you a promotion or imposes a lower pay scale because you are a foreigner from a less privileged country. 

If you encounter such a form of workplace discrimination, you should hire a workplace discrimination attorney. A workplace discrimination attorney can help you file a lawsuit in court to help you seek compensation or equal treatment in the workplace.  

For more info, contact a local workplace discrimination attorney


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