Is That Legal?

Is That Legal?

3 Circumstances That Will Need You To Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer

by Judd Gibson

Have you been recently injured at your workplace? The law allows you to represent yourself. However, choosing to represent yourself comes with intense external pressure from your insurer and employer to settle for less than you really deserve.

There are extreme circumstances that are best handled with the help of a lawyer. Here are three situations where you will need a workers compensation attorney.

There Is a Workers Compensation Hearing Scheduled

Although workers compensation hearings are not always necessary, some insurers insist on it. Depending on your insurance company, they may make it mandatory to have a hearing before making any settlement offer. The main aim of the hearing is to determine your claim and prove its accuracy.

If you have an upcoming workers compensation hearing, you need the help of a workers compensation lawyer. The attorney will act as your skilled and knowledgeable negotiator. Your lawyer is aware of your rights, and thus, they understand the system better and can negotiate a better deal for you.

Your Insurance Company Denies, Ignores, or Invalidates Your Claim

Anytime you are having a dispute with your insurance company, it is essential to have a lawyer represent you. After years of paying insurance, if the company denies your rightful claim, you need an attorney to challenge the company's position.

Insurance companies tend to overlook workers compensation for numerous reasons. In most cases, they argue that the injury you sustained either was not related to your work or you took too long to file your claim. Workers compensation locally can help appeal your denial, obtain evidence, and represent you during a hearing.

There Are Disputes on Your Permanent Disability Rating

The majority of workers compensation awards and settlements go to people who have suffered permanent disability from work-related injuries. The amount of benefits awarded depends on a permanent disability score from a reliable doctor during treatment.

Often, insurance companies disagree with the doctor rating. If this happens, the company will ask you to get a permanent disability score from an independent doctor or medical examiner of their choice. Most companies hire these doctors and assign a lower rating to reduce the claim. Thus, making it important to seek the services of a workers compensation lawyer to ensure you get a fair settlement.

Get in Touch with a Reliable Workers Compensation Attorney

If your claim is not straightforward and you are dealing with claim dispute issues, the process is not always straightforward. You will need the services of an experienced and reliable workers compensation lawyer. Hire one today to get a fair settlement. Talk to a workers comp law firm to learn more.


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