Is That Legal?

Is That Legal?

  • 3 Types Of Workplace Discrimination That Warrant Hiring A Work Discrimination Attorney

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Community (EEOC) imposes strict laws against workplace discrimination based on the following:  Sex Religion Disability Sexual orientation  But, the EEOC laws aren't always adhered to by employers. Furthermore, most people who encounter workplace discrimination do not know it is wrong. Thus, they rarely come forward to fight for their rights.  But, if you are a victim of workplace discrimination, a workplace discrimination lawyer can help you fight for your rights.

  • How Fraud, Negligence, And Reasonable Care Factor Into Customs Law

    Significant numbers of customs enforcement actions arise from government claims of fraud or negligence against importers and exporters. Central to these actions is the idea of reasonable care. Let's look at what a customs lawyer would say reasonable care is and how it might apply to your activities. Reasonable Care  Every field of law has at least one legal standard for the government to apply its authority. When it comes to actions against exporters and importers, the standard is that these parties must exercise reasonable care.

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Is That Legal?

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