Is That Legal?

Is That Legal?

  • How Fraud, Negligence, And Reasonable Care Factor Into Customs Law

    Significant numbers of customs enforcement actions arise from government claims of fraud or negligence against importers and exporters. Central to these actions is the idea of reasonable care. Let's look at what a customs lawyer would say reasonable care is and how it might apply to your activities. Reasonable Care  Every field of law has at least one legal standard for the government to apply its authority. When it comes to actions against exporters and importers, the standard is that these parties must exercise reasonable care.

  • 5 Ways Harassment Can Happen To Employees During The Holidays

    The holiday season should be a time of celebration and gratitude with your employees. But an unwary employer could end up with legal trouble if the year-end festivities lead to any accidental or intentional harassment of employees. How could your employees suffer harassment during the holidays? And what can you do to protect the company? Here are five things to watch out for. 1. When Alcohol Flows Whether it's a company party or just a welcome break after a big sale, any time you allow alcohol among employees, you risk liability for inebriated behavior.

  • 3 Circumstances That Will Need You To Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer

    Have you been recently injured at your workplace? The law allows you to represent yourself. However, choosing to represent yourself comes with intense external pressure from your insurer and employer to settle for less than you really deserve. There are extreme circumstances that are best handled with the help of a lawyer. Here are three situations where you will need a workers compensation attorney. There Is a Workers Compensation Hearing Scheduled

  • Surety Problems That Construction Lawyers Need To Address For Clients

    Sureties are very important for clients working with a construction company. It's like a guarantee that the construction company will do its best to mitigate problems. Unfortunately, problems with sureties come up all of the time in the construction industry. If they do for you as the client, talk to a construction surety lawyer right away. They can help with these particular surety problems. Overexpansion Things may be going smoothly with a construction project and the construction team may try to expand to other projects too quickly.

  • Can An Employer Fire You Based On Who You Vote For?

    Elections are often contentious, and employees may not always share the same view as their employers. Many employers say to leave politics out of the workplace, but others try to impose their own views. Here's how to know when your employer has crossed the line. Can an Employer Promote a Candidate? Even if many employees may find it unseemly, employers do have the right to promote a political candidate. For example, they may say that a certain candidate's proposed regulation would put them out of business and everyone will lose their job.

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Is That Legal?

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